#JuuriNytUrbanFolkFestival I think next year too

The first ever #Helsinki Urban #Folk #Festival “Juuri Nyt Urban Folk Festival” by Saura Ohjelmapalvelu Oy (by Johannna Sauramäki) was really a nice experience. Warm Welcoming – Grooving Intimacy. What else could it be?

Also the place where it was organized, so #MusiikkiteatteriKapsäkki is more than suitable for this kind of happenings indeed.


Saura is organizing in #Helsinki also once a month #ClubIholla #IhollaKlubi in the #Restaurant Väinö Kallio built up in the year 1928. See the photos under the link with winds from the past…The opening club in the new premises was organizaed in the hottest June-July time this year under the hottest Spanish theme namely flamenco.

And if you are interested in Spanish music check this blog of mine. I mean…what else than flamenco Spain has to offer. I have been especializing among some other things in the #music of Spanish speaking countries now for more that 20years. The best music from #Spain comes from the Northern Spain. My opinion so a very personal one.

The programme of the first ever Urban Folk Festival was attractive. #MaijaKauhanen – #Äijä – #Tuuletar – #SuistamonSähkö and so on…If you want to get an idea what kind of music they make you can check…

…my Insta @jmutanen…Maija Kauhanen playing kantele with a string…Suistamon Sähkö singing the hit of #TapioRautavaara “Juokse sinä hummani” in a wholly new way…Tuuletar with its folk #hiphop…The men quartett Äijä, well – super singing in voices…


A newcomer Elsi Sloan with her #ukulele was nice refreshing. Ukulele seems to be a popular instrument today… I heard it is quite an easy instrument to learn. We have here in Finland also an ukulelefestival in Karkkila called #Kukulele . I think I will visit it next year if possible.

…So JuuriNyt – JustNow waiting for the next year and the next festival coming on…

Thanks for all the wonderful artists and for Saura Ohjelmapalvelu Oy!!!



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